X10coin is a service that allows traders and all crypto currency users to multiply their savings through the use of cryptobots, including both those that are integrated by default and those personally created by users.

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About the project

X10coin is a platform for the use and creation of cryptobots, which can be applied to different crypto stock markets. Cryptobots work on the basis of technical analysis. They make it possible to gain profit, not only during trending market moves, but also on those that are impulse-based, and even during flat periods.

The bots work 24/7 and make it possible to make deals faster and more proficiently, because a bot’s vision will always be faster than that of humans.

You do not need to rent virtual servers to work with our service. All the required equipment is already installed within our high-efficiency Data Center. Its usable interface will allow you to use the bots and set them up, even using a smartphone.

This project is the result of work carried out by our high-qualified team, who have been engaged in all spheres of the crypto industry for more than six years, ranging from trading on stock markets to marketing.